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What type of support is best for you?

One- on -one

 We will work closely together and take a comprehensive look at what the real root of your issues is. This allows us to address it in the most efficient and effective way possible.

When you work 1 on 1 with me, I will spend time looking at all possible angles in which are playing into the bigger picture.  My approach includes identifying stressors, toxicities, and deficiencies + addressing detoxification pathways, imbalances, and gut health.  


Group Program


reNEWed is the group program I offer 2-3 times per year. It combines community with a personalized touch from both myself and a holistic health coach.


The combination of accountability, diagnostic tools, and a comprehensive approach makes this 6-week program very unique. 


Essential Oils

Is this the tool you’ve been missing? It was for me 8.5 years ago. This is one of the most impactful tools and that is why I’ve loved helping hundreds of people incorporate essential oils into their home. I’m ready to meet you where you are, let’s get started!

$35 yearly membership fee through doTERRA to gain access to our private Facebook community, specialized resources, and my personal guidance. This is BY FAR the cheapest way to work with me personally.

 I am always looking to put out impactful, free content each week. I invite you to stay plugged in and follow along!

Need help deciding what is best for you to begin with?

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"Working with Kari has been a piece to of the jig saw puzzle of my health. I came to the table with already being on my health journey for several years. Knowing what I knew as we started our time working together was helpful,  but honestly the way she explains the dynamics of how so many systems are at play in our body- it uncovered a new layer of learning for me."

- Erin


"I am not waking up exhausted. I have the energy to do my daily tasks and feel like I can care better for my family. I have never had such a comprehensive approach to my wellness. No doctor has EVER dug this deep into my symptoms and overall health. I am THANKFUL! "


I am sleeping, which has probably made the most dramatic impact overall. Because I have three little ones to take care of, I think it has drastically impacted our whole house. When I'm rested, I can take care of them with ENERGY -- instead of exhaustion. A lot less mom guilt happening over here! -Michelle

More from Michelle below, I'm so thankful for her testimony!

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