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Let’s work together

to turn your “one of these days” I’ll get healthier into today!

I help women rise above the overwhelm, lessen stress + create a strong foundation🧱 in mind, body, and spirit.  Romans 12:2

Solid nutrition | daily rhythms | lifestyle detox.

Free content

I am constantly looking to put out consistent, impactful free content. I invite you to stay plugged in and follow along!

Essential Oils

Is this the tool you’ve been missing? It was for me 7 years ago. This is one of the most impactful tools and that is why I’ve loved helping hundreds of people incorporate essential oils into their home. I’m ready to meet you where you are, let’s get started!

$35 yearly membership fee through doTERRA to gain access to our private Facebook community, specialized resources, and my personal guidance. This is BY FAR the cheapest way to work with me personally. 

Your Health Foundation Program

No matter where you are, it all starts with strengthening your health foundation. Once we’ve strengthed, then we can refine:)

This step cannot be skipped, no matter how shiny or exciting other things look! This is the secret sauce you’ve been looking for. Simple, yet effective- let’s do this together!

This program is a course +  a work book and is go at your own pace learning and implementing!


Funcational Lab Testing 

Once you have your health foundation in place or are working on strengthening it, adding in lab testing can be very helpful. What I’ve seen in myself and my clients is that it is so much more effective to have that strong foundation in place before moving into testing. The protocol given will work better and you won’t feel as overwhelmed. I am always looking to maximize effectiveness and also costs. This is a way I can help you do both:)

Labs offered: Dutch Hormone Testing, Organic Acids Test, GI Map (stool test). You pay lab retainer fee and then the cost of the test. You will get a personalized protocol and interpretation of the lab results via screen share recording. 

Work with me personally

If you’d like to work closely with me as you have a specific health need, or would just like to ensure your foundation is solid- I would be honored.


I have 3 and 6-month packages depending on your needs.

Both of these packages are a way that you can pay one fee and each month and have labs included in that fee (3 month has one lab, 6 month package has 2 labs included) plus 1 on 1 time with me. 

Need help deciding what is best for you to begin with?

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