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Meet the Team

God put a dream in my heart long ago to support people in a different way of taking care of themselves. Putting Him at the forefront of all I do is my #1 goal and I will always strive to do that above all else.

Community is something that He has revealed to me as an integral part of helping people. That is why I feel that having a team of practitioners to serve clients is so beneficial on many levels. I’m excited to see where He leads with this!

In health x in Him~


Meet Amanda

I’m Amanda, a holistic health coach who uses food as medicine. Whole wellness is looking at all areas and making sure there is a balance between spiritual, physical, and emotional health. Whole food is the way God intended for us to eat and teaching others what that looks like so that their bodies can heal themselves is one key to the puzzle. My journey has been long and personal, but it makes me compassionate yet straightforward on how your lifestyle affects your health. Everyone needs a cheerleader and an accountability partner rolled into one! My goal is to help others learn to listen to their bodies and make them the best version of themselves they can be. I love teaching simple tricks to improve health and teaching others how to be their own advocate!

I received official training from Health Coach Institute as a certified health coach in Sept 2019 and then finished my life coaching certification in December 2019. But what lead me to that was being a caretaker and health advocate for my son for 11 years and then my own personal health crisis that took 10 months to climb back from. My love for research, and holistic health took root during those years. I have since never stopped learning and the desire to share my own journey and help others has continued to grow.

Acknowledging, dealing with and forgiving myself will have a huge impact on the rest of my life.


Amanda’s passion to see others come to wholeness-physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally drives her great work. You can tell how much she cares about your well-being in every conversation she has with you. Her recommended exercises and activities are well timed and tailored for her clients. She is an amazing listener and helps you process your needs with time and understanding. She speaks truth in love and grace.


Learning that control and surrender are opposites has changed everything. Learning that being present and mindful takes work but is worth it. And learning that set backs are not failure or defeat has opened my eyes.


Meet Hannah

I’m Hannah! Former elite athlete of 17 years, Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist Practitioner (student), Holistic Practitioner (student), and soon to be Mamma.

Like many of you, I was lead by the Lord to the field of functional medicine and a holistic approach to health after a debilitating gut disorder, which spun into a ruthless eating disorder, and a chronic cycle of under-eating while over-exercising, almost took my life.

Conventional medicine, while incredibly helpful in many situations, only put a band-aid over my declining health through diets, medications, and therapies.

With the help of many (especially Kari), through functional testing, personalized protocols, and unwavering support, I’ve experienced SO much healing, so I know you can too!

My passion is to support women in their healing journey’s through:

* Testing, not guessing, what’s going on internally (specifically your hormones, immunity, digestion, detoxification, energy production, and nervous system)
* Helping you to create a sustainable protocol to best support you and your family through: diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction, and supplements.
* Coach up your God-given intuition, because no one knows your body better than you!

Hannah will be taking clients in the Winter of 2023!

Her focus will be on nutrition and pregnancy ( preconception, pregnancy, and postnatal support)

One of the things that makes Hannah so special is how she compassionately empathizes with you while constantly listening and truthfully seeing where you’re at. She is thoughtfully wise and uses her God-given gifts to fight for truth, freedom, and wholeness. Hannah has a quiet and joyful strength that encourages and comes along side others to uplift them. Truly she is a constant blessing to have in your corner.


Hannah is an amazing woman to know. She is caring, attentive, and very driven. Hannah is great at listening and is thorough in her explanations! Her love for Jesus and love for others shines in everything Hannah says and does.


Hannah is someone I would highly recommend for any task that requires one to be patient, thorough, kind, and empathetic. In both friendship and professional settings, I have observed Hannah strive to fully understand the scope of any situation. She approaches problems and conflicts with not only a level head but also compassion and empathy. Doing life with Hannah is made easy by her infectious laughter and joyous smile!


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