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Believer. Pharmacist. Entrepreneur. 

No sugarcoating + Spreadsheet nerd. 

 doTERRA blue diamond.  Speaker. 

 I’m here as someone who has seen health decline greatly from “behind the counter” as a pharmacist and I want to be part of the change for good. I’m here as a wife and a mom who felt pretty burnt out at times and was desperate for a different way.  I don’t believe in bandaids for our health and I don’t believe in “just getting by”. I believe in feeling great every day, with a clear mind + energy to do the work God has called us to. I believe that we are fearfully and wonderfully made and we should honor the body He gave us. 

Meet Kari

A long game girl in a quick fix world.

In everything I do, I believe in challenging our programing. Ruffling some feathers, if you will:) I believe in asking better questions. “Should we always just go with the flow?”  I do this by looking at the habits we have in place, do they honor our priorities?  With clarity in this, I help people upgrade their wellness to the next level– to truly honor the body God gave us & to do more of what matters.

Long Game

small shifts=lasting change

Gets super excited about creating a better future, makes health a priority


Quick fix

Magic pill=bandaid on the problem

Looks for the easiest + quickest way to solve the issue at hand.

Follow along

As I share about southern small-town life with my husband + two kiddos.

Faith, oils, and lots of salads.

“Here is what nobody is saying: most of the time it’s not easy, most of the time it’s not convenient or the norm!

It’s not easier to make the healthy choice most of the time, but what I want you to ponder- just because it’s not easy, does that mean we shouldn’t do it? “

I believe that we all have the opportunity

to ask better questions and to listen to our body.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve spent time researching a different way of living. It’s always been important to me to take care of myself. So I would investigate, test (on myself/family), implement and repeat! My interest in health and that of others came from a need to serve. It’s become a conviction of mine.  That is exactly why I went through pharmacy school in the first place.

I believe in and am thankful for modern medicine, but quickly realized it was a very broken system. It was setup to serve 20% of our needs, while we took care of the other 80% through the way we invest in ourselves & health. But that model has actually been flipped… my mission is to flip it back! I knew God had more in store for me.

Health to me goes so much further than doing just enough to get by & always looking outside of ourselves for the answers. God gave us intuition  & the holy spirit for guidance-  we must listen. With the knowledge I had, I chose to act. To start with myself + my family, then slowly just “help the next person”.

I have a dream. That we would all live more intentionally. That we would slow down a bit, question a little more and have confidence in making informed decisions for ourselves + our families.  To be truly empowered and make that shift – we need not only information but the tools to live in this way.  It’s the habits, those that we surround ourselves with and the tools that we have that make the biggest difference in our health. And a key component to this – is to feel part of a thriving + loving community, of people living the same lifestyle. All just trying to live the best life they can!

Will you join me? Will you join in the movement of those ready to invest in themselves and their health. Here is your chance: ask better questions, listen to your body, honor what God gave you.

Let’s do this together. Water in hand,  salad bowl in the other and a healthier + fulfilled tomorrow on the horizon. 



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