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My top tool for managing stress

In this episode, I break down my top natural tool for stress- Adaptiv blend and supplement. Each oil and herb were picked for a precise reason and when combined together have so much synergy!



Adaptiv Calming Trio-Internal, Topical, and  Aromatic Support

For stress, anxious feelings, and mood management……let’s break each down, one by one.

Both the Adaptiv Touch Blend and the Aromatic Blend (undiluted for diffusing) are a combination of unique floral, tree and herb essential oils in FCO

  • Lavender – linalool, calming
  • Magnolia – mostly linalool, calming
  • Neroli – linalool, linalyl acetate, limonene
  • Copaiba – beta-carophyllene, addictive habits
  • Spearmint – carvone, uplifting
  • Rosemary -alpha pinene, reduction stress
  • Sweetgum – Liquidambar, calming, pain support, infectious considerations
  • Wild Orange – Limonene, uplifting

Uses: Stress, Anxious Feelings, Addictions, Pain, Grief, Skin

Adaptiv Internal Capsules

Combination of essential oils + herbs to promote calm and restore joy 

Anxious feelings = hypersensitivity to even mild threats

Essential Oils: (80mg total) 

  • Lavender
  • Coriander
  • Wild Orange
  • Fennel


  • GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid) 100mg
    • This is the actual neurotransmitter
    • Binds to GABA receptors (limbic system)
    • Still controversial – BBB, studies show benefit
    • Induces relaxation
    • Promotes calm
    • Can inhibit involuntary muscle contractions
    • Can enhance restful sleep
  • AhiFlower (170mg)
    • Rich stearidonic acid – omega 3
    • Brain is 80% fat -> must have fat for neuronal transmission
    • May enter bloodstream more readily than even omega 3s from fish oil
    • = more DHA and EPA in the tissues
    • Studies show more increase in anti-flammatory interleukins
    • Caution in conjunction with blood thinners
  • Sceletium Tortuosum (15mg)
    • Contains 4 active akaloids (natl occuring compounds nitrogen based
    • A dual 5HT reuptake inhibition, PDE4 enzyme effects -> Explain please
    • Studies support fear reduction in amygdala
    • Not only calming but mood uplifting -> hello serotonin
    • Study showed no Improvements in anxious feelings, depressive mood, stress response, threat response, sleep adjunct, pain support?
    • Doses in studies?

Let’s put it all together…….


Situational stress, chronic stress, addiction support, trauma support, grief support, anxious feelings, depressive feelings

Cautions: Consult physician, customers already being treated with SSRIs


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