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How moving my body changed everything!

Michelle Cannon

is a mom of 3 baby boys and wife to her “better half” as she calls her husband.

Michelle is Blue Diamond leader within doTERRA, a stay-at-home momma who is constantly trying her best in all areas. She loves running, anything wellness-related, spending quality time with family, and has a massive desire to help create and inspire change for the good in other people.


Michelle was a professional ballroom dancer before doTERRA and kids! Becoming a mom was full of changes and Michelle realized that she lost herself and is now on a journey of trying to regain her identity. About a year ago, Michelle began exercising and practicing self-care. Michelle says that “It’s a commitment even when it feels like you aren’t getting anywhere”. Michelle recommends making a list of things that you are struggling with and then tie that to what you are reading, viewing, or things that you are taking in. Are your struggles tied to what you’re letting into your mind and body? Commit to 30 mins a day of working out and also 30 mins of reading, whether that is self-development or scripture reading. Also, be cautious about what you are eating, and have healthy boundaries in other areas of your life as well.

Essential oils are a huge staple in Michelle’s journey. Life-Long Vitality is a must for Michelle, Copaiba soft gels are also a daily must for Michelle. A blend that Michelle uses often is 10 drops Hawaiian sandalwood, 10 drops Balance, 10 drops of wild orange, 10 drops of Siberian fir in a roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil. This blend helps to calm and bring peace to Michelle.

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