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Come ‘behind the counter’ with me each week

In my weekly email, the goal is to give you an impactful yet easy-to-implement bit of info each week to ‘take the upgrade’ in your health & get to the root of your issues. 

Tune into Take the Upgrade Podcast

A podcast designed to support YOU, the woman looking to improve her health in small practical ways and work towards being the best version of herself! 

"Working with Kari has been a piece to of the jig saw puzzle of my health. I came to the table with already being on my health journey for several years. Knowing what I knew as we started our time working together was helpful,  but honestly the way she explains the dynamics of how so many systems are at play in our body- it uncovered a new layer of learning for me."

- Erin


"I am not waking up exhausted. I have the energy to do my daily tasks and feel like I can care better for my family. I have never had such a comprehensive approach to my wellness. No doctor has EVER dug this deep into my symptoms and overall health. I am THANKFUL! "


I am sleeping, which has probably made the most dramatic impact overall. Because I have three little ones to take care of, I think it has drastically impacted our whole house. When I'm rested, I can take care of them with ENERGY -- instead of exhaustion. A lot less mom guilt happening over here! -Michelle

More from Michelle below, I'm so thankful for her testimony!

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